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Innocentrix Philippines stands as a leading BPO powerhouse, strategically located in Mandaue City, Cebu. Our innovative IT solutions and cutting-edge technology redefine industry standards, propelling businesses nationwide to unprecedented heights of success.

As pioneers in digital transformation, we offer a revolutionary online voting and tabulation system that delivers instant, accurate results for competitions of any scale. With our proprietary Innocentrix Philippines Online Voting and E-Tabulation System, organizations eliminate wait times, ensuring seamless and efficient event management.

Moreover, our expertise extends beyond voting systems. As premier developers, we specialize in crafting bespoke HR database systems, accounting software, and comprehensive sales management courses, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Under the visionary leadership of Michael Cris Traya Sordilla, our esteemed founder and president, Innocentrix Philippines has achieved unparalleled success. With a proven track record of entrepreneurial prowess, Mike Sordilla leads the MCS Group of Companies, a business synonymous with excellence and innovation. This umbrella organization encompasses a diverse portfolio of ventures, including MSordilla Builders, a renowned design and build institution, and the trending Serene Oasis Resort in the vibrant south of Cebu. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we leverage the collective resources and expertise of the MCS Group to deliver unparalleled value and results to our clients.

In addition to our corporate endeavors, we are committed to social responsibility, with Mike Sordilla spearheading philanthropic initiatives and championing cultural preservation through initiatives like Hiyas ng Pilipinas.

For nearly a decade, Innocentrix Philippines has remained at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled IT solutions and online services. Partner with us to unlock your organization’s full potential and embark on a transformative journey towards success.

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  • Vision

    To THRIVE continuously for the company to fulfill its mission and to surpass industry standards in terms of quality and excellent service.

  • Mission

    Innocentrix Philippines is a thriving company that is geared toward providing extensive and quality services to valued clients. We consider it our mission to THRIVE toward a more innovative future.

Innocentrix Thrive


    to become a trustworthy company that provides quality and relevant services and to become one of the most trusted names in the industry


    to honor and hold clients and members of the company in highest esteem


    to be resilient in every task and challenges, overcoming any difficulties and setbacks


    to be morally upright, placing ethical practices above all others in dealing with clients and company matters and to provide quality and honest services


    to cultivate a vibrant atmosphere where every employee works in high spirits, which would translate to the services provided by the company


    to become an established and expanding company that offers quality services done by peerless experts in different fields

In order to thrive, we are equipped with up-to-date innovative technology that empower us to be engaged in providing customers relevant services that cater to their needs in this globalized era. We believe that taking the leading role in connectivity is key in getting ahead in sales, outsourcing, virtual staffing, and IT industries. With updated network connectivity and technology, clients are assured of

  • Quality service from different industry professionals and experts;
  • Prompt and pertinent services to our clients; and
  • Secure and dependable firewall that protects their information.

We envision mutual success between the company and our clients, moving forward to a thriving and successful future. We believe that success does not happen overnight and that for a company to thrive and succeed, its greatest resource must be nourished and continually encouraged to grow in their field of specialization. Thus, each professional we employed undergoes

  • Extensive language, technical, and work ethics trainings;
  • Comprehensive evaluation of their performance;
  • More opportunities for professional growth, including refresher courses to keep them effective and efficient in their tasks; and
  • Opportunities for personal growth and leading a more balanced lifestyle.

We believe these trainings and different growth opportunities mold deeply dedicated and properly rooted professionals who strive not only to provide quality service but have the desire to grow professionally and personally as well. In short, we envision a future where not only the company and the clients grow successfully, but the professionals working behind the scenes as well.

Innocentrix Philippines is a company conducive for workers as well as customers. It is equipped with the latest technological equipment that will ensure good quantity and quality of services offered.

In this era, much technological advancement is happening. So the company is able to use advanced equipment that ensures stability and proper connectivity. Advanced software is used in handling the calling needs as well as the customers’ information. Each employee is provided with personal equipment to be used in handling customers, giving them also a comfortable spot in dealing matters depending on the customers’ needs.

Innocentrix Philippines has employed staff who does not settle for less. Each member of the team is trained, coached, and managed professionally to give their full potential and optimum service, making the chain of success stronger and bolder. This makes each employee vital to the operation and continued growth of the company

It’s about keeping customers and helping them in their needs. Through this, customer loyalty increases and more revenue is generated with constant connection that is making a difference in this globalized era.

Innocentrix Philippines upholds their mission and vision in providing customers pertinent services that they truly need. It must not be always in the mainstream but rather in something that makes a difference that will impact customers and make them come back for their need, comfort, and ease.

Qualified workforce means more chances to find opportunities to convert any breaks as a means to expand the business and to convert leads. With well-trained professionals handling business matters for the clients, they may rest easy in the fact that no opportunity is ever wasted for them and their business. Moreover, we make sure to follow up on the results and make sure that the outcomes go beyond the limit.

Our client’s satisfaction is at the fore of our business, and we believe that success is derived when customers are satisfied and continue to become our patrons. Quality with satisfaction matters most in assessing on how to improve more in areas that are beneficial to the company, employees, and customers.

We at Innocentrix Philippines envision a successful and fruitful future—for the clients, for our professionals, and for us.

One man cannot do it all, so there’s a need for a team. A team composed of significantly unique individuals that have come together, deeply dedicated and properly rooted on the core values, to grow more, not only personally, but also at work. It is not always about how much you know. Rather, it’s how much you care for people that will boost the company to become a part of the clients’ choices. Personal development programs for employees and proper support, including their families, allow employees to work more effectively, and that results to better customer service and proper function as part of the team that holds up the company.

In short, the company is the people who come together to grown and move forward to endeavor to succeed.

Qualified workforce is trained to enlarge the scope of leads and turning them into appointments or relevant leads to be collaborated in sales. When one trusts the company with his worries, rest assured the confidence he puts will be reciprocated. The people behind the team are trained enough to become experts and to be able to achieve the required outcome of their duty and performance. They can typically perform on their utmost capacity through coaching, managing, guiding, and motivating them positively.

Employees are capable of managing inbound/outbound calls with excellent use of language in communicating with customers, having proper engagement as part of their training.

Provided with an evaluator and a quality assurance team to ensure call are monitored and up to company standards, employees establish good rapport and a viable customer relationship.