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Innocentrix Philippines Online Voting System

  • An online voting tabulation system for pageants and organizations
  • Easy to set up, convenient, and accurate voting.
  • Instantly generates results.

Our Virtual Software has the following inclusions:

  • Complete system setup
  • Accounts setup
  • Digital security and data protection
  • Self-administered voting
  • Voter notifications
  • Real-time results
  • Email notifications and support

Comprehensive Return, Refund, and Cancellation Policy

Clients and voters who have subscribed to the Innocentrix Philippines Online Voting System have the right to use the voting system granted on the website. Services and transactions that have been confirmed on the website are final. Therefore, Innocentrix Philippines will not accept any returns, process any refunds, or cancel any transactions. Thus, except when expressly provided, Innocentrix Philippines maintains a strictly no-refund policy.

Comprehensive Delivery Policy

The Innocentrix Philippines Online Voting System is a digital voting system. Thus, it does not adhere to any product or service delivery policy. Consequently, fulfillment of services is solely via online notification.